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I always enjoy doing fun shoots as a Los Angeles teen photographer, and this year I knew I had to do something super fun; but I was torn between doing something cute and something a little more diva-ish.  I went back and forth and finally, I said, why not do both!  So, this is how the Diva vs. Sweetheart shoot came to life.

I was so excited that when I shared the idea with Patricia Castro Makeup and Hair by Penny Lu they  wanted to join in on the fun.  Thank you ladies, for bringing my idea to life and a special thank you to Patricia for loaning us her gorgeous red dress.

It was such a pleasure working with these teens Stacey (Sweetheart) and Emma (Diva) you both were so great at playing your roles.   We were so lucky during this shoot because for a week straight we had experienced down pour in Cali, crazy right!? On the day of the shoot it was a nice rain free day, it was a little chilly being that we were near the beach, but I am so happy we didn’t get rain! Yay!!!

As ladies, we all have our different expectations for the perfect Valentine’s Day date; so, the question is: are you a Diva or are you a Sweetheart? Do you like chocolates and teddy bears or roses and jewelry for Valentine’s Day? Check out our Diva vs. Sweetheart shoot and tell me what you think!


Tenesha Masaitis Photography |www.photosbytenesha.com

Isn’t Stacey the cutest? I absolutely love this outfit on her. I styled this look with some pieces from my Style Closet. I’ll share where I got them at the end of this post.

Los Angeles Teen Photographer

I just love this look, Patricia and Penelope brought the look to life with hair and makeup.

Los Angeles Teen Photographer

The perfect Sweetheart!

Tenesha Masaitis Photography | www.photosbytenesha.comLos Angeles Teen PhotographerLos Angeles Teen Photographer


Los Angeles Teen Photographer

Emma was our Diva and she was AMAZING!

Los Angeles Teen Photographer

Penelope gave her some soft waves and Patricia gave her the perfect custom lip color to match her skin tone and dress.

Los Angeles Teen PhotographerLos Angeles Teen Photographer

My favorite set!

Los Angeles Teen Photographer

Isn’t this dress gorgeous?!!!

Los Angeles Teen Photographer

We found a little paradise in the park and then we got kicked out! haha

Los Angeles Teen Photographer

So elegant, Diva’s love roses, they are the perfect gift.

Los Angeles Teen Photographer

So…which are you Diva or Sweetheart?Los Angeles Teen Photographer

Makeup: Patricia Castro Makeup

Hair: Hair by Penny Lu


Sweetheart: Earrings Forver21, Chocker Forever 21, Top Forever 21, Skirt Target, Socks Target, Shoes (her own).

Diva: Dress: Isabelle’s Cabinet

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