Raves and Reviews

I was excited to be working with a professional. I had different outfits, I had my makeup done, and I felt amazing! Tenesha was very professional and had so many great ideas. I had a amazing time; I am so glad I met you!

The beautiful shots she created just amazed me! I feel everyone should know that she connects well with kids – she was able to connect so well with my teen daughters. Tenesha is the bomb!
-Karol, Casey and Cory’s Mom

I was really excited to see how my pictures would come out. I had seen her work through Instagram and I loved the bright, warm pictures she takes; they are very aesthetically pleasing.I loved Tenesha’s energy. She stayed on her toes and was ready to shoot till the sun went down! She was an excellent communicator and I was pleased with how quickly she responded to messages. Be ready to shoot in places you’d never expect, and you might be hesitant about it, but trust her and the outcome will be amazing. I am so glad I got to work with Tenesha – I can’t wait to create more fantastic images in the future!

I was excited about the experience and seeing how Tenesha captured the moment. She was meticulous and brought the scenery into the photos, which had a profound effect on the final images. She captured my daughter’s inner beauty, which is often difficult to do through the lens. I have known Tenesha for a little over 3 years and she has shown herself to be a driven, dedicated professional. She is artistic and multi-talented which helps her to see beyond the lens. Her business will grow exponentially, so get in while you can; you won’t be disappointed.
-Gail, Skylar’s Mom

Tenesha captured shots I would have never thought to try. I was so excited to see the images because I knew they would be priceless. Tenesha was very professional, yet made my daughter feel very comfortable. I’ve used Tenesha Masaitis Photography before, and every time I’ve been impressed with her eye for precise and breathtaking shots. She is professional and makes sure she goes the extra mile to meet the needs of her clients. I highly recommend booking Tenesha Masaitis Photography for your next photo session. Her work is amazing!!!
-Monique, Cierra’s Mom

This was my first photoshoot and I was really scared and nervous that I wouldn’t know how to pose and that I would be shy, but Tenesha eased my shyness and made it comfortable and fun. I think it was great that she helped me with my wardrobe choices and that she is a funny, upbeat person. I had a great time working with Tenesha. I love her style and where her inspiration comes from and the fact that she ensures her clients are happy as well. I look forward to working with her again.